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Houndstooth Smartphone Wristlet

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Charm14's new phone wallets allow you to do all your texting without ever taking your phone out of the purse. Use it every day, all day and the touchscreen will work every time. Perfect for the beach, school, out on the town and more....

Universal Fit for all standard size smartphones up to and including the iPhone8(not Plus sizes)
Minor modification will be needed for iphone7/8- cut half circle hole on bottom of clear plastic to allow thumbprint capability. No modification needed for iphone6.
Allows you to text, snapchat, take a selfie, use Facebook, Instagram and more right through the clear plastic window.
Removable wristlet strap comes with every wallet.
Carabiner hook allows for easy attachment to a belt loop, or to hook on the outside.
Keeps your phone secure on the inside of the bag, and protects the screen
Main zippered compartment contains another zippered compartment on the inside of the to keep your credit cards, money, and license safe and secure.
Material: cotton/poly
Size: 6.75"W x 4"H